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Parkland Hospital Oracle Peoplesoft

Posted by Brye Ange on Monday, 24 February, 2020 11:37:35

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We had meaningful conversations with many PeopleSoft customers including Entergy, Anthem Health, Charter Communications, Harvard University, Parkland Hospital, Federal Reserve Bank, Collin County TX, Nashville Electric Service, University of St. Thomas, among many others.

The former PeopleSoft Headquarters, now Oracle, first began with a comprehensive site plan that envisioned a full build-out of campuses north and south of the freeway. TEECOM engineered complete redundancy of the data center to every building on campus to eliminate any concern of a single point of failure.

Employee RecordsManager (HR Data Management Manager) Position Summary: Manages the daily operations of the Employee Records department to ensure all human resources related data is recorded and maintained appropriately in hard copy and in PeopleSoft to ensure efficient storage and retrieval of Parkland Health & Hospital System employee records.